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Symbiotic in Action

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

After Covid I decided to live one year of activism, improving my impact in the world, and trying to find and answer about why we live in such an unfair world and what's the alternative to it. So used all my free time going to taks, workshops, conferences to know what was happening in Melbourne around sustainability, urban planning and circular economy.

In my list of places to go was Melbourne Knowledge week, Urban Geography, Living Cities Forum, Humans Right Festival, State Garden Festival, Melbourne Knowledge week, Inclusion Ideas Festival, Newkind Conference, Sustain Urban Agriculture Month and Permaculture activities.

Those spaces though me a lot, and I discover the nuclear part of everything was food, because real food still been a privilege for some... So then took me to reclaim the street movement, zero waste movement, repair movement, open kitchens and I discover the alternative to this savage profitable and consumerist culture...

I found the Groups are saving the community spirit and restoring the enviroment so I started documenting that trough a very personal project : Green RIOT.

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