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Big Opening at Raw Garden

Save the date! Music, food and talks on October 7th, 10am

The garden of love is calling you! join us to a day of celebration, we will be cutting the ribbon for the sensory garden and the Urban Farm, is time to celebrate the opening of those big projects with you!

My story at the garden

I remembered I rode my bike 50 min. to get there, invited for the awesome friend MegaFauna. I did knew about the garden before, I found Mira trough one of my projects called Migrant Collective Stories, but never meet her in person.

By then, I never thought what will happened after the day I went to Resilient Aspiring Women Garden, for first time. I remembered was a hot spring day of October and we had a huge pile of rocks to put in the backyard where now is the sitting area.

I arrived to Raw Garden before to plant the sensory garden, when we were preparing the soil, but this idea started 3 years before, when Mira got the vision of a sensory garden with native plants in her backyard. Then Dom came along, and brough his beautiful family to be part pf the project. The day we planted the various native plats, he was with his mum, another fantastic gardener passionate about native plants. She was teaching us about the names of the plants, the characteristics and how to recognised them.

That day, we had more than a dozen students from St Leonards college, planting every native flower, bush, tree, with an intention for the world. The girls wished for love, peace, gender equality.

Was obvious, my love for the project and I was looking for a place to do beekeeping, then Mira gave me the opportunity to support her with the beehives. I fell in love with RAW and After a couple of months, I accepted to manage the frontyard, a permaculture garden 11 years old, with a mini orchid and 3 wicking beds, that garden was quiet neglected, because all the effort was centred in the backyard project, fair enough, the world was recovering from a pandemic and then The sensory garden was born, but before the natives, this already was a garden of love.

I stared organising working bee session and I realised the potential of the space and the Urban Farm project emerge, that will be the next post. About how we transformed the space where we have 20 Food Cubes as donation from @Biofilita.

Now we still managing the space with 20 Food cubes, compost area, bees, massive produce and learning about timing to plant and care fo the soil. Now I know, what means to have an Urban Farm, is a wonderful work, but of course a never ending task, is always something fun to do and to discover in the garden! Specially because we have this unbelievable fresh abundant green produce!

I want to invite you to be part of our Opening day on Saturday October 7th, were we will be cutting the ribbon of the sensory Garden and the Urban Farm. Two projects we got thanks to our amazing volunteers, Raw Garden friends and supporters. Come and enjoy the program we prepared with music, food, talk about the projects and we will host the Food Swap Bayside, come and met our gardener neighbours!

See you at the garden!

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