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Cacao Ceremony at RAW

Thanks to our beautiful community to hold space to connect a deep level

Thanks to the community that joined us this Tuesday, the day we had two very significant activities for RAW. We start the day with a cacao ceremony, on a half moon night, we talk about our intentions for this lunar cycle, and we share experiences about emotions and situations that occupy our hearts and minds, and we decide to take an action to better handle them. Thank you for the honesty, transparency and for the trust placed in the space.

The next cacao ceremony will be on August 17th, at 10 am at RAW. Let's celebrate together new moon and new intentions for the new cycle. Send me a message to confirm your attendance. I hope to see you there.

Thanks again for the friends who stayed longer o arrived after to joined us for the working bee session. We really appreciate their support in the dream to have an urban farm. The last woking bee session we prepared soil, enriching the soil we saved from the old wicking beds, with grass clippings, hay, worm cast and leafs. This session we distributed the new soil in the fruit trees and in the native garden. We have been trying to take out from the garden black plastic was used to suppress weeds, and we will cover the space just with cardboard. We also did some weeding and transplant a baby almond tree was planted by Mira to heal patriarchy.

Thank you all! and see you next time! Save the date for the Cacao Ceremony and confirm me if you are coming, to make cacao for all ! :)

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