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Native bee buzz

Caufield South Community Garden was learning about native bees. Our local community invited me to facilitate a workshop about the secret life of native bees.

Do you know in Australia we have 2.000 species of native bees?. We talked about natives bees behaviour, types of, why they are important part of our ecosystems and how we can help them to thrive in modern times.

During the session, we did a quiet time, with a meditation to connect with the space and with nature from a deep ecology perspective. And after that we did a collective art session.

If you missed it! I will be running this workshop at RAW Garden as well, I will let you know the dates!

After the session we share a beautiful community lunch, with Nettle soup, salad, pumpkin risotto. I did baked my first sourdough fruit loaf, tasted amazing! Thanks beautiful community for all the good vibes, for the amazing passion for ecosystems and the silliness to get a beet understanding of our pollinators in Australia and in our neighbourhoods.

And extra thanks or the RAW Friends were there, Karen, Mariam and Meg. We did have an amazing time in the garden, sharing a meal and connecting with the community, so no time for more pictures.

We also witness the amazing work the community garden is doing in the nature strip, rewilding it, with native flowers. Currently they are replanting some plants were taken for pedestrians, we hope the new plants can stay in this nature strip, grow strong and healthy there. This community work hard in propagation, and they have a mini nursery, with different kind of plants available, go and check their beautiful work! and support this great project, they also have chickens, and they hang out with us in the lunch.

I got so inspired after the workshop, for all the beautiful conversation in the garden, so I got home and work in my garden and I did an illustration part of the presentation today, the importance to garden with native plants, for native bees and other pollinators.

Can you identify the native species in this draw? Tell me with one is your favourite!

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Deborah Punton
Deborah Punton

Thank you so much for presenting on Native Bees at our Caulfield South Community House garden open day. We look forward to seeing you more often in the garden!

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