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The ribbon cutting

The sensory garden and Urban farm have been officially launched at RAW Garden, check out the details of one of the most exciting days at RAW

Every day at RAW Garden is a new experience, but surely many of us will remember how special it was this October 7th, when more than 120 people came to participate in the official launch of the projects that the RAW committee, volunteers and supporters have been working on, in the last 3 years.

The day began with the visit of our friends from Raw who half an hour before the opening time, and it was already felt in the atmosphere, for many of them surprised by how the place looked, at the entrance we had a table with honey, lemongrass, herbs and flyers about the program of workshops that are being held in the pavilion.

We also had another table for the Bayside Food Swap group, which arrived with flowers, bunches of chard, a basket of ruhbarb, boxes of seedlings, and a lot of knowledge to share. Thank you Kate, Karen, Josh, Victor, we loved to have you at the garden guys! Comeback soon!

The day began with Auntie Caroline, who shared community stories and her experience in projects like these in the area. We loved having her presence and listening carefully to her words that blessed the space.

It was an event in which we had music, food, the official ribbon cutting and we had our Rotary Brighton supporters, who highlighted that they feel that all the support has been an investment in the community and how happy they are to be part of the RAW projects. And finally, I dedicate a few words together with Zoe Daniels, Brendan Condon, from The Sustainable Landscape Australia, who talked about how he met Mira, Me and Raw initiatives. I have also commented a bit of the climate change context and how essential is to grow food as a community scale to decentralized food systems.

During the event we saw so many friends, one of them Nick Rose, who has witnessed the project in different stages of RAW. Thanks Nick, for passing by and being part of our celebration day, reconnecting with purpose and activism. I am more than grateful to have RAW volunteers, friends and supporters around, I hope I can see you again soon at the garden.

Next Open day

See you at the next Open day session, from 10am-2pm, the first saturday of the month, so next saturday nov 4th, December 2sd. Let's work in the garden, bring your extra produce to do a food swap with the community and let's share a pot luck lunch.

Next Workshops!

At the Raw Farm we are always engaging new volunteers, please comeback with friends to share a time connecting with the land and with gardeing, now from an urban farming scale. We will have 2 workshops communicating up on November and December. I will keep you posted. I am designing them, and I will set the link subscription next week.

From now, save the date!

November, Gardening for all, start or improve your gardening skills with Karen Pohlnic. -confirming the date.

December 3th, 10-12, Wild-Meditation Garden with Leila Alexandra.

See you there!!!

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