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Who inspires you?

Welcome to my Elder's world

Everyone has a hero in their life, everyone feels inspired and motivated for other's peoples lifestyle and believes. Here is a little bit of some of the permaculturist that have been key in my permie-journey.

Everything started during pandemic time, those years where the world stopped, and nothing than modernity promises you was available. No restaurants, no movies, no gym, no nightclubs, no pubs, no shopping centre. Personally, I did had a lot of fun, I spent time outdoors, read a lot, write a lot, do embroidery, painting... I rediscovered and give attention to my artist soul.

But I was looking for something else, I knew money wasn't the way to have access to everything, I was looking for a meaningful life, an alternative to live life more sustainable and more fair, with humans and enviroment.

I was a student, counting my change to buy real food: veggies and fruit, from local and bulk shops... I did have to go to the food bank and I realised the food there weren't real to me, everything was canned and wrapped in plastic. I come from a farmers background, so call me a farmer old school if you want, but food in the modern world is a fake, no nutritious and created in a lab. I can't believe the CBD is full of billboards with chips and burgers as normal food. When we changed different flavours and textures from the garden?, for just one flavour and one texture from an industrial way of cooking, based in low quality materials and high in toxicity for our beautiful body?, when this happened, I wonder.

Seeking for a different lifestyle

Trying to find answers, I found permaculture, I found the concept of food security, food sovereignty, gardening , edible gardens, urban farming, regenerative farming, biodynamic farming and I started doing research in how I can change my lifestyle in order to have a fairer way of living. I found the work of David Holmgren trough Retrosuburbia, and his work with Bill Mollison trough Permaculture One and Permaculture Principles, I found Rosemary Morrow, with Earth Restorers guide, and her work with Permaculture for Refugees, I felt immerse in hope, my heart, my hands, my eyes, my ears were calling me to start my permaculture life, I wanted to read more books, listen more stories, to see more gardens and farm projects, was the time to take it seriously.

Elder Hepburn

Considering David Holmgren was in Victoria, I thought: I need to meet Him and Sue, and the goaties! So I went to Melliodora Tours, and met them in their property, I followed their work and decided to do a Permaculture Design Course with them - course I finished on march 2023-, I felt honoured to be learning from the source, from the origin. David and Sue have all my love and respect, I admired their vision of the world, their courage and integrity.

David Holmgren, July 2023- picking up some veggies from his garden for lunch.

Matriarchy Elder Blue Mountains

In parallel on 2022, I meet Rosemary Morrow in the launching of the 3th edition of Earth Restorers Guide, she is a lovely women, with very sharp thoughts and tongue, but at the same time she believes we are against the time, we need to bring balance to this world now!, and she does not believe in despair, she creates hope and give communities skills to thrive with nature. She is currently my tutor and I will do a teaching permaculture course with her in a couple of months!.

Rose Mary Morrow, may 2023, 7am in a rush, going to a meeting outside Blue Mountains.

Matriarchy Elder Melbourne

In the last part of last year, I meet a local project, a garden called Resilient Aspiring Women Community Garden, a space founded by Mariam Issa in Brighton East, originally from Somalia, arrived to this house as a refugee and trough the years, she opened her house as a space to garden and connect with other women, mostly from migrant background. Since I've started volunteering a lot of things happened, specially because I fell in love with the project and never left. So this 2023 we have been transforming the frontyard into an urban farm, This was my final PDC Project with Holmgren Design. Now, In the month 5th after lots of networking, work in the garden, talking about our vision for this space, and applying to grants we didn't get... we -finally- are expecting the new wicking beds to arrived, with keeps me very busy and excited. I been managing the events and working bees in the garden, plus meeting local beekeepers and gardeners, in order to create a network of community sufficiency, a space for permaculture and sustainability education.

Mariam Issa, in Enki Store in Daylsfore.

Tell me who inspired your permaculture journey!

Welcome to this space to put in value the people who have been living with integrity, educating communities and changing the world from a grassroots mob. Please let me know the stories about people who inspired a change in your life with permaculture ethics or principles.

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