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What I do?

I am in constant Symbiosis

As every permaculturist I do a lot of things! I do write, draw, paint, do embrodery, I do gardening and love bees! I am an educator, community builder and storyteller. I facilitate workshops about  photography, sustainable art and permaculture education for kids and adults, privet groups, events and corporate. In those event we are  building a bridge for restorative practices and for a more resilient society.

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 Sustainability Workshops

My career background is a former press journalist, now I am using my communication skills to bring balance to this world trough permaculture session where we talk, analysed, design solutions for urban living  with a human approach from an ecological perspective.

Education is the key to change human behaviour and retrofit our habits. My background in art therapy lead me to developed workshops about enviroment and wellness to face climate anxiety and generate connetion with the land and our inner world.


Art therapy Workshops

After take art therapy as a way to connect with myself and with what I want in life, and after studied art therapy during pandemic times,  I discover how art have a strong power to explore, discover and make peace and overcome situations of trauma, stress, anxiety, depression. Trough art, we can create a new reality with music, sound, journaling, doodling, panting. Let me guide your sessions  to a journey of exploration of the shades and the lights of your inner word. Let's dive and analyse what's hidden in your soul. I do one on one and group sessions.

Rosemary Morrow Book for Melliodora


I am  a documentary photographer, worked as photojournalist for Outside Magazine Chile, writing and publishing articles ad pictures about travelling and cultures. Now I am a photographer  oriented to the permaculture world. I collaborated with different organisations, institutions and "permie"businesses and I am happy to keep supporting radical hope initiatives for a fairer world.

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