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Ninna Mar

Founder of Symbiotic

I am a Permaculturist, Urban Farmer, documentary photographer, art therapy facilitator.

I am a former press journalist, worked in Chile for almost a decade in press and corporate communications and I used to write political news and lead at the newsroom, Live news programs for CNN Chile (like the Newsroom TV show).

Education for Education

I I studied permaculture with David Holmgren and I maintain a close relationship with Rosemary Morrow, they are my Elders of permaculture and their love and dedication to it, have inspired me to develop a series of workshops to bring the concept closer to corporate and school communities. Trough Permaculture and Sustainability workshops, I raise awareness that every day is an opportunity to change our habits and lifestyles, every day we can do something for  Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.​​

Check out my workshops in "Services". I also do workshops and consulting, send me an email, I would love to work with you.

Urban Farming for communities

Currently, I manage the RAW Urban Farm, at RAW Australia, you are more than welcome to  join us for the working bees on the first Saturday of the month and check out our workshop calendar.

Art for everyone

Art is an essential part of my life and as creative beings, you should allocate time to it, I use Art Therapy to facilitate spaces about art for wellness, to  explore our inner world, to dive deeper into what's hidden in our soul in our stories from a sacred practice and safe space. Join me to the session I describe in "Services".

Also, I am passionate about documentary photography as a way to save, record and keep alive the memory of what we do and how our projects evolve over time. I am currently developing a personal project since 2022 called Green Riot, about a selection of grassroots groups that work to restore balance on the earth, for communities and biodiversity.


I accept photographic assignments, write to me to discuss the details of your next event, art idea or project.


The life before Symbiotic


All started with my very first project Migrant Collective Stories, available on Instagram and Youtube, a series of interviews to migrant entrepreneurs in the first season and migrants involved in the food system in the second year.After this platform and with the need to open more alternative spaces for mental health (during pandemic) I decided to create workshops for women empowerment with Luna Marti, from @escribeysana , We did a series of sessions of online workshops of art therapy inspired in the book Untamed by Glennon Doyle.​


After that, I decided to comeback to photography and work just for sustainable, ethical, local brands and small businesses, and with organisations with an activism approach, this is how my brand DRILL was born.  Finally , I decided to create a space I call 'the fertile land of all my projects", which is Symbiotic, that means the change I want to see in the world, all creatures and organism living in harmony, then all my projects communicating each other, supporting to restore this planet.​

All those initiatives took me to a place where I can dedicate myself to work in the areas I love the most: education and arts.

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