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I am Symbiotic Ninna

Welcome to my projects about Social Justice, Collective Healing and Environmental Activism.

I want to acknowledge I live in the amazing land of Kulin Nation, I pay my respects to elders, past, present and emerging, and I want to extend this acknowledgement to every land not ceded in the world. Colonisation is reality we support every day with our decisions, violent language and behaviour. Let's build a more inclusive society from an ecological perspective, based in degrowth and circular ecology. The first step to have a fairer world is to respect aboriginal communities and put in value their knowledge and wisdom.

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Social Justice | Collective Healing | Environmental activism

@Migrant Collective Stories


Instagram platform to face migration stereotypes, create network e inspire a systematic change around migration, diversity, inclusion, sustainability, circular economy, localisation, small businesses, gardening, urban farming.

In 2021 I interviewed 11 to migrant woman about their working experiences in Australia and their personal projects, mostly entrepreneurs with fair trade, locally source, ecofriendly products. 

In 2022 I am doing interviews about the Food System in Australia and what I call "The Transformation". The interviews in this second season od interviews are about wellness and nutrition, food access, refined and ultra process food. I interview migrants who works o have projects related with those field to create content on social media accessible to everyone to expose those topics. After the pandemic I realised the real pandemic is the food system, what we eat and how is produced, and the real cancer is how we treat farmers, this needs to change and talking about food and food production is one steps. Farmers should be on top the pyramid, not retail, no ego, no lab companies.


@Wild Seed Learning

Platform of art therapy for self development. We live in a mental health crisis system and we need to give it space to heal trough alternative therapies. Let's talk about who we are without labels, what kind of humans we feel and what we have become. Individual and group sessions. 

This a beautiful platform I set with an amazing human @escribeysana, lead by Luna Marti, another journalist advocate for mental health who does writing to heal workshops.



This is part of the ecosystem where we build and deconstruct, with our hands,  Drill by Ninna document the groups are cracking the wall is diving us, giving some light to the dark no trough roads. We have alternatives, those are regenerative and needs to be shown and escalated, follow my photography know more about my projects, this year working deeply in Green Riot, check the blog to know more about it.

Projects on process: documenting homeless, motherhood, Green in the city. 



Fuego means Fire in Spanish, for me represent my intuition and passion that guides my life, there I unleash my creativity beyond photography. Fuego is writing, drawing, collage, print making, watercolour/acrylic painting. Sometimes I work in one technique, sometimes I used all of them at the same time. Currently exhibiting in @ Space to Be art gallery and in Linden art Gallery until February 2023.

Let me know if you are there and you want to spot my art!

"Be the change you want to see in the world"
-Simbiotic Ninna

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