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living in symbiosis


Permaculture Calendar 2024

I am very happy to share with you that one of my photographs was selected for the  Permaculture Calendar 2024, This picture was a photoshoot I took to my favourite permaculture band Formidable Vegetable, at Ceres Brunswick and it is the cover of the printed calendar! Get your copy of this excellent educational tool, to understand principles and get inspired with different initiatives are happening  around the world.


Symbiotic 2023

This is an invitation to check a gallery pictures I prepared with 111 photos from the best events I covered this 2023.  A year full of beautiful connections, activism, joy and purpose. I do choose work for systemic change, connect deeply with other individuals, and work with passion for fulfilment.


This year Symbiotic worked for permaculture brands, for charities and organisations involved in wellness, environmental restoration, food security and Degrowth. In the following section of photographies, you will find The Great Picnic organised by Sustainable Living Festival. Also Formidable Vegetable, winners of two categories of the Australian Children's Music Award. And also A portrait picture I took to the band is the Cover of the Permaculture Calendar 2024. This printed calendar is an educational tool and an icon for the permaculture world. Other Activity I developed and documented was the redesign -as a permaculturist-  RAW Australia, from a community Garden to a food forest. We implemented the project in phases and now is an edible Oasis, check the stories in my post in the Blog section, here are the pictures of the transformation.

I worked as well, for awesome Perma Pixie  and her educational Herbal Apprentice  series of workshops. And I did work co-organising the Degrowth Festival at Ceres Brunswick, where I facilitate a panel discussion about  "Returning food systems to communities".

In November , I worked with Sustain in the Agricultural Month Forum they did in Melbourne.

And the last event I co-organised was a Intentional Communities Circle with Food Coup, a session At RAW Australia, about how we can collaborate,  joining north side and south side forces to regenerate social tissue around food systems.

Symbiotic 2022

Welcome to the events I covered on 2022, when I was developing my personal project part of Symbiotic, called: Green Riot.


Best of 2022


Symbiotic Photography

I do photographic coverage for institutions and organisations involved in systematic change. I have worked for Perma Pixie, Permaculture Principles, Melliodora, Formidable Vegetable, Ceres Joe's Garden, New Kind Conference, among others.


Regen Melbourne


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