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Auttum Garden Wisdom

Welcome to Garden Wisdom, a garden in a friend's backard, were we retrofit habits and spaces. How we do it? Here the answers!

I've been off social media lately, but I've been creating in many ways. One of them, through gardening and collaboration with this beautiful soul, Karen Pohlner. Lately we have been making summer preserves, growing seedlings for the winter, see them to grow, transplanting them and planting a rotation of leafy greens. We are also integrating art and design into the autumm season in the garden.

Today, we had a cold and foggy morning in the garden, crispy and humed morning until the temperature reached 18 degrees at midday -with blue skies- all day. Perfect for doing a long list of jobs, which we always do between jokes and laughter. We love the garden and we love creating and facilitating spaces for life.

We have called this ecosystem "Garden Wisdom", wich is how the garden have been a great master, showing us patterns in nature that we can recognised in our human experience.

Today in "Garden Wisdom" we planted 24 flowers, Pansies, Violas, Cornflower, Snapdragon, come and discover where we planted them!

Hay bale Garden

We made the brassica garden, in a hay bale garden, which we filled during the summer with all the organic matter we got from the end of the season, leafs, branches from summer crops, that were -now- in an advanced stage of composting. We added compost from the 3 worm farms on the property, full of the richness of food scraps and finally we add mix soil for veggies. We added water and planted the healthy and strongest seeds we sowed a couple of weeks ago!


An important part of the flow of food produced in this wonderful Edible Oasis is the rotation of polyboxes. Also, we select the new series of 4 poliboxes that will give us the green leaves next season.


We have two large spaces for peas. A month ago, we made a peas wall, in the name of “peace for the world” and also -in another area- we are preparing an art installation with personal-spiritual meaning, and it involves peas.

So today, we replanted peas, replacing those that were attacked by snails. We soak the seeds in water, hours before, and planted them directly in the ground.

But because the beauty of this vine is never enough, we prepared another two new areas for the peas, one area with screens and bamboo and another with jute net.

Eating Garden Wisdom

The best part of growing your food is eating it!, preparing it, with respect, with dedication, with time, with joy and excitement. We eat with all the senses. Colours, textures and spirituality, they mix when I talk about food production in Garden Wisdom, where all the love and devotion that we put into our plants, returns to us in the form of our nutrition and flavour. I am deeply grateful and I love having this life experience and I would love for many more people to reconnect with food as medicine and as a sacred space of nourishment for the soul.

This is a picture of today's lunch. 80% of this gorgeous rainbow of food is 100% grown, harvested and preserved by us!

Visit the garden!

We believe in a hyperlocal world, and we are part of Bayside Food Swap, a network of local gardeners who gather once per month to share their produce, their seedlings, gardening tips, and of course a cuppa!. If you are not a gardener yet, but you are interested to get some knowledge, we invite you to come, introduce yourself and get some ideas for your gardening project!

If you want to learn more about the garden, Garden Wisdom, we will be hosting the Bayside Food Swap Session this month, Sunday June 2, 10:30-12:00 in Moorabin, Join US!

This is the picture of the last session of gardeners at Garden Wisdom garden, Karen and our gardener friends are checking healthy and lush capsicums.

What a great weekend at the garden! I can't wait to heard your gardening stories!

See you on Sunday!

Lots of love,


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