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Degrowth Festival at Ceres

Let's talk about economy from a fun perspective!

Hello beautiful community!, Im so excited to share I will be facilitating a talk at the Degrowth Festival, organised by Degrowth Network Australia, on Sunday October 8th.

As Symbiotic and @Raw Garden Urban Farmer, and as a passionate human about food, gardening, and communities, I have been coordinating a transversal panel discussion about how to decentralise the food system in Australia. On October 8th, I will be having an honest conversation with amazing individuals involved in community gardens, growing their food, and organisations or individuals rescuing food waste, cooking it for the community o sharing it with neighbours.

We will be checking what's the stage of great Melbourne to make the food system fairer and how we can improve it in a way than can connect and nourish communities.

The Panel discussion will be at 2pm in the green area behind the bike repair at Ceres Brunswick.

During the festival, we will have talks about co-housing, ecology, food systems and the need for a more infrastructure for alternative transportation to cars. Also will be music, dance, a mending group a repair cafe group, and a Seed Swap at 1pm!. Join us!!!

Degrowth is bringing communities together again.

What's Degrowth?

For me is how we can diversify our economy and comeback to localisation, having our main services supporting local businesses and have meaningful conversation about the impact we are having in ecosystems from the consumers point of view!, is time to Degrowth for other and grow in community connections.

More info:

Youtube : Degrowth Week Australia: Degrowth in Australia and around the world: are we making progress?

See you there!

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