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Reading the Landscape Premier

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Check the details of the launching of the last film by David Holmgren

Finally, David Holmgren's new film "Reading the Landscape" was released.

The event was held in a privet function in Royal Cinema in Castlemaine with a packed auditorium. The hour and a half film was acclaimed by permaculturists who gathered to watch it and have an intimate conversation about how this project began. The conversation was led by Patrick Jones, in a panel discussion that included film director, David Meaghan, the co-originator of Permaculture concept, David Holmgren, Megan and Woody, Hanna.

Before the pandemic, film director David Meagher began recording with David Palmer some sequences of what would later become this film, a vision and dream of David Palmer, as educational audiovisual material to promote David Holgren's wisdom and knowledge about what the ecosystem is telling us.

The event was full of emotion and silence, reviving the memory of the beloved Dan Palmer, and holding a space to talk about his memory and legacy. After the film, a panel discussion was opened, with David Holmgren, David Meagher, Ann, Megan, Woody and Patrick. You can check the beautiful conversation in the following link. The movie will soon be a free material available on the internet. Check more details about the project.

Thanks to all the producers, editors and the people who participated in the crowdfounding campaign to bring this project alive. Thanks to the permit movement for be present in this warm and cozy space full of smiles!.

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