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Support My Cause

2024 is starting with extreme challenges and I have decided to show up for myself, not quit and ask for help!, here the details.

I did started a Crowd founding campaign to pay the initial fees of my studies, and as many international students I am struggling and I to keep studying, learning and giving back to the community.

I alredy studies 3 years Marketing and Communication in the amazing school of @Greystone College, were I graduated with honours, also I become a casual teacher of sustainability. But that doesn't matter for the migration process because the only way to stay longer now is hiring new studies and paying huge amounts of money at first.

This is how I have to pay money in order to have the right to breathe in this country per the next 4 years. I will apply for a Early Childhood Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor, and currently I feel very stressed with all those bills due to pay in the end of February 2024.

Life is amazing, and we always find ways to make our dreams possible, and living in Australia is my dream, and making change from Australia to the world is my call.

During my different projects I did meet so many amazing lidders and change makers who inspire me to develop Migrant Collective Stories, Wild Seed Learning, Drill and Symbiotic.

I want to acknowledge the tribes of Kulin Nations, who have been the custodians of the land, today I call home. Support my dream to keep studying in Australia in the following link. Many thanks!

Lot's of love and please share in your socials with friends and family ! I deeply appreciate your support!

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

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