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Symbiotic 2023

The year finished, and here you can find some achievements from this migrant, women of colour, entrepreneur who worked for systemic change all 2023.

I decided to write this post to acknowledge my achievements as an entrepreneur founder of Symbiotic, a platform I called the “fertile land” of all my previous projects. Under this brand I do Permaculture workshops, art therapy sessions and documentary photography.

I highly encourage you to do the same. Make a list and honor your inner power perusing your dreams.

We can’t make a list about 2024 if we don’t reflect about our challenges and achievements and check how we can improve them.

Life is always teaching us new lessons and is important review our milestones and acknowledge what we gain.

Here my achievements on 2023 💃🏽

-Covered 15 events/ commissions as a documentary photographer

-Become a permaculturist

-Being tutored by Rosemary Morrow

-Facilitated 8 free workshops for students grade 9 about Enviromental education and permaculture. Also I facilitated 8 ethically payed workshops about Sustainability, for VET students at Greystone College

-Got the cover picture in the Permaculture Calendar 2024

-Co-facilitate 6 sessions learn about art therapy for trauma

-Took personal therapy and shared my learnings with my family, that took me to a path, mental health and family connections are always important 🌻

Finish my PDC with David Holmgren

-Developed my first big permaculture project at @raw Australia

-Co organised Degrowth Festival Lead a panel discussion I called: Returning Food system to communities and neighbourhoods”

-Also volunteered one year at R.A.W Australia

-Applied to a PhD scholarship at RMIT, and didn’t not get it. I still want to do research.

We live in a dream. I’m living my dream life, and I wish you the same for 2024.

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