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The year of Freedom

Updated: Apr 12

The year 2023 was the year of freedom. After finishing my 3 years studying Marketing, having to work and studying in the middle and after the pandemic times, I decided to take a break and attend to my dreams and internal challenges. Here is the story.

I decided to study permaculture, work in permaculture in a community project, and decide to return to the adventure. That's how I participated in 3 triathlon events 2XU in Melbourne, one of them accompanied by my Environmental Leaders friends Sony and Kate great change makers who I met in the Enviromental Leadership Course by Port Phillip City.

I also decided to do rock climbing in the Blue Mountains, and I did 22K of Ultratrail for the first time on the wonderful 3 Sisters route. I continued, swimming, trying to surf, and opted for sailing, being a year in which I dedicated myself to learning and spending time exposed to the maximum engineering green power: The wind.

That year, dedicating myself to permaculture and volunteering give me the chance to connect with amazing humans, the one's have been the last 40 years working for Systemic Change, and I could spend time with David Holmgren and Rosemary Morrow, both legends of "Permanent-Culture", that learning process is the most valuable one when you make real connections and lear from their experience. Lucky me!

Exploring this path, was a reminder of the real matrix, all the paperwork is expected from me just be breathing in a foreign country. And also, all the "investment" that means when we talk about migration. This 2024 I faced many personal changes that raised me to claim my inner power and continue dreaming with staying in Australia.

Because what is life if we don't try? So, I took al the courage I have and set a crowdfounding campaign.

I want to thank all the incredible humans who supported on My Cause, because with those $675 that I raised -thanks to 12 people- I was able to make the first payment for my studies, money that I did not have at that time and that was key to change my mindset that I could raise the 10,000 I needed.

Four month later, I already did all the necessary paperwork and covered all the initial payments, I achieved the impossible! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the universe, for sending me radical changes that have led me to reclaim my power. Last year was too entertaining, I enjoyed every step I took in permaculture and my adventures and also that gave the foundation to know what's the role I want to play in this society.

Because I am human, I want to live in freedom, in a more conscious, more egalitarian world, and I continue to work on it, from a perspective of joy and purpose. These first 4 months of the year have led me to reconnect with gardening, with my passion for the food system and with homesteading. I'm not sure where this takes me yet but, I know I want to be the system, I'm ready for the next level. I am ready for new projects, events, alliances and friends, and also experience freedom from another point of view.

I comeback to study, now I am in the education sector, aligned perfectly with the projects I ran last year, teaching environmental education and facilitating art therapy sessions. We need spaces for people to heal what the "modernity" is doing to us and to the planet. We inevitably, are becoming more anxious, depress, unmotivated, stress, that's not normal, that's not human nature. My recommendation is to attend those feelings and ask for support if you need, we are not alone,YOU are not alone. We are here to support each other, that's what I learned from my stress to raise that insane amount of money just to start my studies. Thanks to the fantastic souls that have been holding emotional and spiritual space for me, that's priceless and lifetime changing. In order to have a more sustainable planet, we need to be sustainable human beens, because we reflect to the world what we have inside: the memories of our body, mind, spirit.

If you are around, I will be this Saturday at the St. Kilda Eco Center with Degrowth Network Australia, in a workshop on how to live more sustainably, I will be part of the group to propose a conversation about the future of food systems, join us!

Get your free tickets!

Let's celebrate together another year of freedom and autonomy.

Lots of love, Ninna

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